Cardano [ADA] gets a visual branding from IOHK’s ‘Gource Project’

IOHK is on a spree of updates as they have now come up with a brand refreshment for Cardano. They announced a collaboration with ZenCash [ZEN] as they look forward to open their arms to a wide range of cryptocurrencies. However, this does not mean that Cardano will receive less attention. They posted the news earlier today:

“IOHK is pleased to announce a major brand refresh for #Cardano and reveal the new Gource visualisation in today’s release of the roadmap update! We look forward to your feedback.”

A project to refresh the Cardano [ADA] portfolio was recently started by the design team at IOHK, to overhaul each of the website’s design and the display information contained within. This new project would ensure the websites are more intuitive to use and effectively convey data in a knowledgeable way. The project had previous mentions by the founder, Charles Hoskinson where he explained the purpose which is to give a big picture to the customers and also to drill down to understand information in a never before done fashion in any cryptocurrency project.

The involvement of the community people helped the launch of a revived Cardano roadmap which was released on May 8th. The roadmap displays the results of months of hard work along with new features from exploring developer commits list to notifications for the release of the roadmap every month.

Another addition besides these refreshments is the release of Gource – a data visualization project. It is created from a Git repository making it a dynamic and living artwork. It is evolving continuously in real time depending on developer commits. It will feature on all Cardano websites with the full-screen view available that includes a rich interactive functionality. Every development project posses a different GitHub file structure and Gourse will represent this while acting as a unique fingerprint for each one. More features will be included in the future.

Cardano, for the first time, now has an actual real brand identity which is a direct representation of the project visually. The redesign ensures to completely redefine the understanding of IOHK projects and will evolve how they will communicate as a company.

Laurie from IOHK stated on behalf of the organization:

“At IOHK we believe that Cardano is not just a development project: it is distributed systems, it is social science, it is a political movement, and among other things, it is also a design challenge.”

Further, she brought to the notice:

“We’d love to hear your feedback, please let us know what you think. We may even end up working with you as we have done with other community members.

DCAL, a Twitterati says:

“I have said it many times. Will say it one more time. If you have not invested in #Cardano yet it may be one of the biggest regrets you have in #Crypto by mid-2019. $ada”

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